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Mill Farm, Ashorne, Ashorne, Nr Warwick, England

As an investor in this attractive industry, you want someone on YOUR side, to work for YOU.  Worldwide.

FoodWorks has nearly 20 years of experience in every sector of agriculture and in over 30 countries


Boutique winery, Marlborough, New Zealand


Foodworks Estates represents YOU, the investor, the BUYER.

High returns, food security and "green" industry. But investing in agriculture can be challenging. Farming and processing farm products are complicated.  You should have an experienced adviser at your side to ensure the financial sustainability of the investment.  FoodWorks undertakes due diligence and management assessment and planning.


Assets for Investment

Agricultural estates, farms, agri-forests and other natural resource-based assets are for sale worldwide. The choice is immense. 

The financial returns are from:

  • Increase in capital value and improvements

  • Sale of produce or livestock

Choosing an investment wisely requires the technical and management experience we provide to YOU, the buyer. 

We help negotiate terms for the purchase on your behalf. We also help with the various regulatory aspects that affect the purchase of land in different countries.

For more information:

Geoffrey Quartermaine Bastin,

Group Chairman and CEO.


Main website:


26 hectares, Lethbridge, Victoria, Australia

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